Has Retired

PeerFly is dead so I have retired my blog. If you were searching Google and landed on one of my old articles, I have good news for you...

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    I am running an affiliate marketing forum.

    I have an affiliate marketing forum where I discuss everything I know about affiliate marketing. I've created this new platform, affLIFT, so affiliates at every level can learn everything they need to know to be successful at affiliate marketing. Check it out if you need help with your affiliate campaigns!

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    I am still publishing affiliate marketing content.

    I may not be blogging anymore on, but I still am publishing a ton of affiliate marketing content. Besides the forum, affLIFT has some of the best affiliate marketing articles you'll find online and a directory of all the best traffic sources, spy tools, and tracking tools in the industry.

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    I am still easy to reach!

    I've always made it my goal to be a very easy person to get in touch with. So, you can still email me and I will reply ASAP just like always. You can register at affLIFT (you'll get an automated message from me that you can reply to) or simply click here to send me an email.

FPTraffic is still alive and well!

I am still working on my social media marketing tool, FPTraffic, and recommend you check it out if you haven't arleady!

Check out FPTraffic